About Us

Our focus and vision is to be a unique provider of paper oriented products to multiple segments and markets. Our goal is to provide a quality product, at a fair price with the transaction being pleasant, easy, quick and accurate for our global customers.

Our mission is to be a leading global manufacturer/provider of innovative paper oriented products serving the lodging, beverage, advertising and other industries with a high quality product, quick & easy ordering process and complete customer satisfaction


This Sonoco division started off as Standard Cap & Seal Company based in Chicago, IL. At that time, the company provided disk caps and hood enclosures for glass milk bottles at a time when milk and dairy products were delivered by local dairies. Essentially, Standard Cap & Seal serviced the dairy industry over many decades until such time that neighborhood milk deliveries diminished and consumers began purchasing their milk at the grocery store. At this point, in the late 60's, Standard Cap & Seal realigned their product focus to produce paper disposable glass covers for the hospitality industry. Most if not all of the significant hotel/motel chains, as well as independent hotel operators utilized our StancapĀ® glass covers. Standard Cap & Seal ultimately located to Georgia which is where this division of Sonoco is still located. In 1988, Standard Cap and Seal was merged with a newly acquired coaster manufacturer, Rixie Paper Products located in Pottstown, PA which had been in business since 1958, as the leading provider of paper disposable coasters and other paper related products.

In 1993, Sonoco acquired Engraph, Inc. located in Atlanta, GA which at that time was the parent company of Standard Cap & Seal and Rixie Paper Products. Since that time this division of Sonoco has continued to focus upon providing unique high quality, competitive paper products for our three core markets, hospitality (hotels/motels), food-service (restaurants, bars and lounges) and advertising specialty. It is our hope that we can continue to grow our product base, our markets and to service our customer base at the highest levels.