Making Every Serving a Statement

Every beverage you place before a customer is a
marketing opportunity, because it presents an opportunity
to emphasize your name and reinforce your brand.

cellulose tissue type coastersCellulose Tissue Type

This is a linen-like cellulose tissue coaster either with a wax or budgetboard backing which helps in protecting furniture surfaces. Offered in multiple sizes and shapes, these coasters are often used in upscale hotels, restaurants, bars & lounges and casinos. Very absorbent and are used when one wants to make a very classy impression. Can be printed in up to 4 spot colors.

air laid coastersAirlaid

Offered in the same sizes as our cellulose tissue coasters, our air-laid product is very durable and absorbent. Great for custom printing. This item certainly adds an upscale feeling wherever it is used. Helps protect furniture and counter tops with its waxed backing. Lightweight and attention getting!


pulp boardPulpboard

Our pulpboard coasters are typically seen in bars, lounges and “family fun” type restaurants.  They are sometimes referred to as “Beer Mats”. Highly durable, they are offered in various thicknesses. (35 pt., 45 pt., 40pt., 60pt., 80pt., and 110 pt.) Additionally, we offer many sizes and shapes as well as custom die shapes to suit your very need. Great for brand advertising and imaging, giveaways, retail packaged, and leave behinds for sales calls.  A very versatile and functional coaster. You’ll like it!

budgetboard coasterBudgetboard

Our budgetboard coaster is manufactured with a thinner paper and hence the name. This type of coaster is economical and can still be printed with multiple colors. Typically designed for 1-time usage, the budgetboard coaster can be a super marketing tool to promote a special dish, drink, appetizer, drink or an upcoming event.  Inexpensive yet very functional and appealing. Found in restaurants, hotels and catering facilities.


Even more price appealing than our budgetboard, our Econocoaster is great when cost is concerned. Can be printed in up to 4 colors, our Econocoaster is functional and allows a brand or message to be disseminated inexpensively.


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