Glass Covers

Broadcast Your Message Loud and Clear.

Our Stancaps® allow you to reinforce your brand, while
keeping your glassware dust and lint free. We can produce
your design using either a matte or glossy paper.

Stancap Glass CoversStancap Glass Covers

Our Stancap® glass covers have been used for years within the hotel/motel segment, as well as healthcare facilities.

We offer 47 different diameter sizes of our paper cover (45millimeter – 117millimeter). They are offered in plain white as well as custom printed. (Up to 8 colors). Our Stancaps® extend a classy presentation within a hotel room and it keeps dust and lint out of one’s glass while not in use.

We offer our Stancaps® in either a matte (non-glossy) or glossy paper. The inside and outside of the cap can be printed and we can provide straw holes, notching for mugs that have a handle, pin holes for venting and an outside wax coating for durability with hot beverages. Just ask and we can explain all this to you!

Stancap Glass CoversSnapcap Glass Covers

Offered in 3 sizes to date (67.5mm, 75mm and 82mm), our Snapcap is a very sleek & contemporary alternative to our Stancap®. The Snapcap offers a tighter fit and a shorter skirt. The Snapcap hugs the outer rim or your glass and is clearly distinctive.


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