Specialty Items

Magnify Your Impact

Our specialty items range from paper liners to
napkin bands. These items allow even more ways
to promote your company and products.

Napkin BandsNapkin Bands

Napkin Bands are a classy and efficient way to secure dinner napkins and utensils. Our stock colors are green, burgundy, and white. We also offer custom printed napkin bands with process printing available. Custom sizes are also offered as this item can also be used for sandwich wraps and other non-food situations.


Food Basket Liners

A creative way to place your logo or advertisement in front of your customers. They are available in many sizes to fit all baskets. Custom printed or stock designed liners can be used to protect your food and enhance the appearance of your presentation.



TagsTags / Identification Markers

Identification markets and tags are great for marking urns, coffee pots or decanters for identifying what beverage is inside the containers. Decaf coffee, milk, skim milk, juice, hot water, or other items can be clearly marked so that patrons are not confused about what the product is. Identification markers are also utilized for wine tags, which is ideal for marking your glass at parties and get-togethers.


Ramekin CoversRamekin Covers

Wax paper covers utilized for food protection. The product comes in multiple sizes and can be printed in up to 2 colors. Great for restaurants, catering, hotels and fine dining establishments.



Retail PackagingRetail Packaging

Many of our customers enjoy offering either their own logo’ed coasters in handsome retail packages or other logo’ed coasters for sale within their operations. We offer multiple formats and packages to suit most everyone’s needs. These types of jobs are typically treated as a custom print with special packaging which would require a specialized quotation. Your pricing would depend upon quantity, package count, and type of package. Your customer service representative will certainly be very happy to assist you in developing pricing and program just right for you.

Paper LinersPaper Liners

Our paper liners fit most waste baskets as we offer multiple shapes and sizes. They may also be used to line trays, to protect bath or kitchen counters or for overlays in carry-out boxes and containers. 1-4 color printing available on 1-side. Many upscale hotel properties feel they add class to their hotel room.



Our Stancups® are ideal disposable containers for such things as paints and glue. Typically found in schools, day-care centers, churches, and craft facilities, our Stancups® are inexpensive, durable and very handy. They are also often used for food sampling such as BBQ, sauces or other liquid type items. A very popular product!



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